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Chocolate is something sensual. It has something to do with seduction. And – as in the case of Zotter Schokolade – it is also unusual at times. How do you do justice to this chocolate? How do you visualize them?


We were inspired by James Bond, specifically the title sequence to "Gold Finger".

A model was painted all over with golden body paint by our make-up artist. We projected shots of chocolate with a video projector. Of course not just any recordings. But sequences from harvesting the cocoa fruit, to roasting the beans, grinding them into cocoa nibs and finally pouring liquid chocolate.

Damit die Aufnahmen auch ästhetisch wirkten, setzen wir unsere Highspeed Kamera ein, flogen mit einer Schnorcheloptik über fallende Kakaobohnen, machten kleine Feuerexplosionen, hatten die Hilfe eines Feuerspuckers und vieles mehr.

A video installation was then produced from the recordings in the Zotter Schokoladentheater. On an ultra-bright LED screen in portrait format in the so-called catwalk. And since we already had some spectacular shots, we produced another commercial for Julia Zotter's CRAFtakt line.

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