Why film?
Because it's fun.


without compromise


even in stressful situations


and keep on moving

Who we are

We've been making films since 1993. From the full-length cinema documentaries to the social media clips. We work flexibly and adapt our team to the requirements. Thanks to many years of cooperation with specialists, we are up to small and large challenges. We work worldwide, even under adverse conditions.

Our films are always honest, even if they are commercials. We owe that to our customers' customers.

Motion picture is not just a medium for us. It is more. We are always surprised and amazed by how motion picture depicts reality, sets things in motion, and touches people.

And that's why we enjoy our work.

Let's work together

Always Top Quality

Our equipment is always state of the art. We keep it compact to be flexible. We have what we need and are rarely dependent on rentals.

Our team

small but nice. a superb little team.



director, camera,

film editing




Location Sound



drone pilot


high speed cameraoperator

What people talk about us

*Roland Wehap always manages to brilliantly pack the emotions and enthusiasm we feel for cocoa into his films, so that this enthusiasm spreads to our visitors and we get a very good feedback from them."
“JOANNEUM RESEARCH and Roland Wehap have worked together for many years and have had many very successful projects together. Working with him is always very constructive and professional. But the most important thing: the end result always meets our expectations!”
"dear mr. wehap, I've just seen your production on 3sat and I'm thrilled: finally away from the eternal, ridiculously boring documentaries with their deadly school radio narrators and meaningless statements from locals to pretend authenticity! finally someone who dares to say something, because he has a pronounced will to form, has something to say and is not spoiled by the stereotypes with which creativity is driven out at film schools. and a miracle that the unadapted has been accepted and was aired! Yours sincerely, Wolfgang, Venice"
TV viewer
"Roland Wehap knows his craft. His visual and audio language is evocative and creates empathy in the audience."
Movie review
"Hello Mr. Wehap, I saw your film yesterday on 3Sat and was very impressed and I stayed up all night until the end. 🙂 The movie is awesome and impressed by its production and its content. In short : the best thing I've seen in a long time, congratulations and greetings from Stuttgart jens."
TV viewer
On behalf of the hydrographic service, the collegial cooperation with Roland Wehap was appreciated on the one hand, but also the professional implementation of the given content in image and sound on the other.
Government of Styria
Hydrographic Service
"Roland Wehap has been an important expert for Great Lengths since 2015 when it comes to film reports for our company. His uncomplicated and independent approach to presenting even complex themes in a comprehensible and interesting way on film is the main reason for our long-term cooperation. We are pleased not only to have an film expert nearby, but also to have found a friendly "interpreter" who wonderfully showcases our products on film."
"....just one question about one of the most brilliant films I've seen lately: " Burma all inclusive". is this film available on dvd? If yes... I MUST HAVE HIM 🙂 !
TV viewer


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