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The actor and theater director Willi Berhart reads animal stories by Manfred Kyber. We thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase the Edible Zoo and its residents.


Manfred Kyber (1880-1933) was a German writer, theater critic, playwright, poet and translator who is best known for his unusual animal stories. 

It was no coincidence that he wrote animal stories, as he was an advocate of animal welfare. And that was anything but a matter of course in the time he lived in. He paid particular attention to animal experiments, which he considered a "shame on Western culture".

Since the well-being of the animals also comes first in Zotter's edible zoo, the performance of these stories blends harmoniously into the environment.

They are funny, but sometimes also sad and oppressive stories. But they are stories written by life and which Willi Bernhart's interpretation breathes into them.

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